Monday, 14 July 2008

in the name of beauty...

Welcome to this, the first post on our blog! Primary reason for starting it? Other interactive sites (I won't name any names, you and I know what they are) don't allow for anonymous comments. Why, you ask, would we want that? Read on...

Piece By Piece Company (aka Berit and Despina, plus various other lovely people) are back in action! We're in the beginning stages of creating a new piece (unnamed as yet) and we need your help! Here's the deal:

As women, we have various habits - or rituals - that we go through daily, or regularly in the name of beauty (or health and fitness, or losing weight etc.) Some are generally widespread, e.g. plucking eyebrows, putting on make up, or shaving legs/bikini line, and some are less so (does anyone remember the Sex and the City episode when Charlotte wanted privacy so she could look at her pores through the magnifier?).

What we'd like is to hear from all you women out there about what your rituals are. Sincerity is key - hence the option to stay anonymous. We would like anything from a couple of sentences to a paragraph, and just keep it simple and descriptive (e.g. "Every morning before breakfast I run 6 times up and down the stairs, and then drink 5 glasses of water. I then have 20g of bran flakes with 175ml of milk and two and a quarter strawberries.")

Men are welcome to contribute, either by sharing an outsider's observation of such rituals or by pointing women from family, friends or colleagues to this blog.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the piece!