Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Audition Notice

Piece by Piece company are seeking dancers for upcoming projects in 2012 which include: 
  • A research project (March to May) followed by an intensive 7-day residency (2nd week of May)
  • A fundraising event (May/June)
  • An overseas project/performance (July/August and subject to funding)
  • A performance/series of performances (October/November)
Applicants must have a good grounding in dance technique whatever the style, and they should be open to playing an active part in the creative process. All shapes, sizes and ages welcome. Current students and recent graduates are encouraged to apply. Rehearsals are held in Hackney and North London, and we are committed to being as flexible as possible around our dancers' other commitments. It is completely acceptable for dancers to only be able to commit to one or some of the above projects, details will be given following the audition.

What you get:
  • Performance opportunities in London and internationally
  • Experience of Piece by Piece's style of creating and performing
  • A chance to network with other dancers and choreographers
  • Support and assistance for other projects you wish to undertake
This is currently an unpaid role, however there are plans to raise funds to cover travel and expenses. 

The audition will be held on Saturday 31st March at 11:30 am in North London, details will be given to successful applicants.

Please send us your bio/CV at piecebypiecedance@ymail.com by the end of Wednesday 28th March. You will be notified by the end of Thursday 29th.
Do contact us if you have any questions.

You can find out more about Piece by Piece here: http://www.facebook.com/piecebypiecedance


Monday, 12 March 2012

Forever 27 - Fans, you are needed!

Piece by Piece choreographer Despina Mavrou has started a new and exciting choreographic project, for which she needs lots of input. Here's what she's doing and what she needs from you:

I am at the early stages of research for my new choreographic project. The starting point for this is the Forever 27 club, the group of musicians that died aged 27. The club includes Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain (and more recently Amy Winehouse). More specifically, I am looking at the fans’ points of view.

As a Doors/Nirvana fan I’m focusing more on Jim and Kurt, but all stories and contributions are absolutely needed! So here is what I would like from you, friends and fellow fans:
  • Do you remember where you were, what you were doing, how you felt, when you heard Kurt Cobain died? (or any of the others)
  • Have you ever visited Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris? What happened? What was it like? (the more detail the better)
  • Do you have any personal stories, experiences or anecdotes relating to any songs by any members of the Forever 27 club? Anything, no matter how big or small will do - you can always keep it anonymous if you want!
  • Which song is your favourite? Why? Which songs/lyrics do you find are the most significant to you? What exactly do they signify?
  • Do you think being a fan has had an effect on your attitude to, or outlook on, life and death? How?
  • What is your attitude/feeling towards other fans? Were you ever influenced by other fans or did you influence them in any sort of way into feeling, thinking or doing something in a different way?
  • Do you have any other thoughts about the club as a whole, or about any of the individual members? 
Use the comments to answer one, some or all of the questions, or to ignore them and just say what you want! You can post anonymously if you want. All comments welcome!

As some of you are already aware, online contributions often form a crucial part of my work. I would like to recognise your contribution to my research in any future showings of the work I create, so if you want your name included, do let me know!


Friday, 9 March 2012

New for 2012

A longer update will follow, but for now this is what will be happening with Piece by Piece in (the rest of) 2012:
  • An audition for dancers (March)
  • A company relaunch (April)
  • A research project (March to May) leading into an intensive 7-day residency (2nd week of May)
  • A fundraising event (May/June)
  • An overseas project/performance (July/August and subject to funding)
  • A performance/series of performances (October/November)
The next update will give more information on the audition and the research project.