Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sometimes a twitter update just isn't enough. It just isn't. So here's the rant...

Places on dance degree courses are limited. People audition, and some get rejected. Some people who are really passionate might get rejected, because there are not enough places for them - and perhaps there happened to be others, better trained, maybe a bit more coherent or articulate in their personal statements or interviews, or with better A Level results, who got on the course instead. Then what?

How can someone with a dance degree not love dance? Why did they waste three years? Why not just study retail management or something, if that's all you aspire to? I get that not everyone is gonna make a career out of dance - it's a tough world, the one we enhabit. But come on! Do something with yourself! There are so many skills, so much broad knowledge we've gained from our course - apply it to better yourself! Oh, but hang on... you didn't do the same course as me, did you? Mine was one of classes and rehearsals, sweat and hard work, fun and laughs, creativity and inspiration, menthol fags and vending machine snacks. In the studio until 9pm Monday to Friday, 5pm on weekends - maybe 5:30 if the security guard felt generous! Yours was one of minimum input, let's sit this one out cos my little finger aches, if I sweat my make up might run!

I'll make one thing clear. This is not about people who have had to take on work that is unrelated to dance because of lack of dance opportunities. Or because of family obligations, or because of life demanding that they do. It's about those who waste perfectly good space on limited courses, when they don't really wanna be there, don't love it, don't work and sometimes make others' grades drop through failing to pull their weight in group work.

Rant over. Thanks for reading, comments and/or disagreements most welcome!