Public performances
Do You Sell Yourself At Work? (2007)
Part 1
Part 2
Beddiquette (2009)

Work in progress performances at Clarence Mews
The Big Three... Oh. (2010)
First stage of development
Further development
Cynical Optimism (2011)
First stage of development (solo)
Further development (solo)

Research and performances for MA Choreography - at Trent Park, Clarence Mews and Hendon
Cynical Optimism (2011)
Fanning the Flames / Teen Spirits (2012)
Research - April 2012
Following task
Tattoo task
Text into trio task
Text task 

Work in progress performance - July 2012
Performance at Grove Theatre - November 2012

Other links
Piece by Piece Facebook page
Tumblr site mainly used for Despina's MA work
Despina's Wish List (a dumping ground for all my inspired thoughts)

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